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Here at White Aspen Capital, we believe that you can live the life you have always wanted with proper planning and healthy financial habits. In order to help you on that path, we want to thoroughly understand what your goals and aspirations are in life. Once we have a grasp on who you are and where you aim to be, we will create a highly customized roadmap for you on how to get there. This roadmap is also known as a financial plan and will include all of the financial components unique to your individual situation. This may include reallocating your investment assets so that they are more efficient and work harder for you, educating you on important benefits such as Social Security and Medicare, putting a charitable process in place, and/or retitling your assets so that you and your family have maximum control over them.


We are very excited to talk to you and hope that we bring a refreshing and straightforward approach to the optimization of your financial picture. We are not a stodgy investment bank that will treat you like a number and the size of your assets does not determine your value to our firm. If you are interested in setting up a free introductory meeting, please fill out the Contact Us form and a member from our team will reach out to you. 




Financial Planning

You can think of a financial plan as a detailed roadmap to your financial success. We will tailor your plan around your unique goals and aspirations and guide you on how to follow it into the future. 



Your investment assets are a vital component of your financial picture so we want to make sure that they are working hard for you, but also efficiently. We want to help you streamline your investments so that you are able to attain what you want in life.  

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Retirement Planning

Which types of accounts should you be saving into? What age can you comfortably retire? How much can you spend in your retirement years? We can help you answer all of these questions and more.

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Education Funding

There are a variety of account options for education savings: a 529 plan, a Coverdell account, or a custodial account - just to name a few. Each type of account comes with different pros and cons. We can help you navigate through your choices and the proper amount to fund. 



The most important asset in your life is you. If you become disabled, need help later in life in a nursing home, or you pass away early - your entire financial picture can 

become disarrayed. We want to make sure you are properly  covered for all of life's risks. 


Estate Planning

Life is unpredictable, but death is guaranteed at some point for all of us. Your organization can help your family make quick and proper decisions when you are unable to. This could include naming a guardian for your children, choosing a health care proxy, and/or appointing a durable power of attorney. 



MyBlocks™ are short calculators you can use to solve common financial questions such as the ones in the below slideshow.  

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Account Aggregation Tools

The Yodlee® account aggregation tools (aka MyBlocks™) securely enable you to see your credit cards, loans, bank accounts, investment accounts, etc. all on one screen. 

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